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it may be causing. >>> a man is expected to survive after being shot by oakland police. >>> also, president barack obama waking up in the bay area, find out what is on his a do today. this is it morning news. >>> good morning everybody, it is thursday april 4th, i am brian flores in for dave clark. >>> we have a system in during the critical hours, nothing too heavy but it has already pushed out and you can see the bands of yellow and boy, it is a fast mover even though it is coming from the south yet, look at that, there is no doubt it will give way to afternoon sunshine. am i going to janine de la vega? yes, janeane what do you have for us? >> that is all right, steve, as you mentioned, it is wet and the rain has created several problems this morning. janine de la vega is at a crash, she is there and it is too early s the wet roads which caused the crash. >> reporter: we are here on -- we are here and this white lincoln navigator crashed into a palm tree and again the roads are wet. let's go to video which was taken in the lat half hour, no other vehicles were involved in this
? >> reporter: police have the area blocked off at the continental hotel where president barack obama is staying and you can see it is blocked off and hundreds greeted the president and not everyone was supportive of his visit. >> hundreds of protesters lined the streets of the area where president barack obama attended a fundraiser. he was urged to say it would be an environmental catastrophe. >> we want to tell the president he should be on the right side of history. he will be on the wrong side of history and this is his legacy at stake. >> the cost to dine with the president more than 32,000 a plate. now at the home of the billionaire, at that event, the president touched on several topics including gun control and climate change. he himself is an outspoken opponent and they had another event at the home of marsha and john goldman. at 140 we will tell you what the president said last night that garnered the most applause. live in san francisco tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> we will have continuing coverage of the bay area throughout our newscasts and on ktvu channel 2 mornin
replacement is found for the former chief who retired last month. he comes with a police background, after serving as the chief of police of foster city's police department in 2004, when he retired. >>> president obama headed back to the nation's capitol this afternoon. the presidential motorcade wound through san francisco this morning, taking him to crissy field, where he headed to the two fund-raisers. he was greeted once again by opponents of the keystone pipeline from canada to the gulf coast. >> there are many possible leaks along the way that can pollute our water supply and our land, so it's really a very terrible idea. >> i came down to see the action. protesters were here with their big signs. i went and made by little hand sign. the president drove by. a lot of guns, a lot of security. >> the president left on air force one about 1:30 this afternoon after raising more than $3 million for the democratic congressional campaign committee. >>> a furious flyer at a hawaiian airport. see how a bay area police officer came to the rescue of a tsa agent who was attacked. >>> and in two
false information to the police. he is expected to answer to unrelated charges. >>> president obama unveiled a major initiative to map the humane brain, to unlock the mysteries of the brain to find cures for debilitating diseases. as janine de la vega reports, a bay area professor is slated to play a major role in the so- called brain initiative. good afternoon, janine. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. there are super-scientists in the white house with president obama. today, mr. obama announced he's asking the congress to spend $100 million to fund the brain initiative. it's a new project that maps the human brain in an attempt to find cures for diseases, such alzheimer's parkinson's and even reverse the effects of a stroke. this man is co-chairing. committee of the supersmitts and they will spend the next year -- superscientists and they will spend the next year outlining the program. >> this is an initiative that will hopefully produce better and more useful maps that will enable people who are studying the brain in all different ways to do it better to do it faster, to arrive
campbell reports. >> reporter: president obama is speaking this afternoon at the denver police academy. he's focusing on colorado's recent passage of stricter gun laws that take effect july 1st. they include adopting universal background checks and a 15- round limit on gun magazines. those laws were sparked by last summer's deadly shooting at a movie theater in nearby aurora, colorado that left 12 people dead. victims from that tragedy will meet with the president today. some connected to the 1999 shooting at columbine high school will also meet with the president today. but not everybody in colorado is on board with president obama's proposals. what a group of sheriffs in colorado have on their agenda today when i see you next hour. live in washington, kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> later today, the connecticut state legislature is expected to pass some of the toughest gun control laws in the country. the laws 0 would prevent the sale of a firearm to anyone who has do the -- who does not pass a pack -- a background checks -- check. the sale will be prohibited. the bill was drafte
. the dominant message for president obama tonight is say no to the proposed keystone oil pipeline. now, the president may hear about these protesters out here, but it's not clear if he'll ever actually see them. police and secret service have blocked off the streets here around the getty mansion. that, of course, is where the president obama, mr. obama, will be attending a democratic fund-raisers tonight. it's an annual fund-raisers. last year it raised $1.7 million. the protesters are hoping to get his attention. this would be his second stop of the night. so first we want to toss to mike mibach, who is in the city's sea cliff neighborhood, where they're also waiting for the president's arrival. mike? >> reporter: eric, security is very tight here in sea cliff. we just got word from an officer that this neighborhood is in lockdown. that means residents are not even being allowed to get into their homes now that the president is so close to arriving here. mr. obama coming to the neighborhood for a private fund- raising cocktail party being hosted by billionaire tom steyer. steyer, a ve
is described as african- american where iing a dark brown jacket with shoulder patches. police say springfield has a medical condition and anybody with information on his whereabouts should call 911. >>> president barack obama is coming to the bay area for a series of fundraisers to boost the election. the president is expected to arrive 5:25 in the evening and at 6:15 he is said to deliver remarks at the home of a constituents -- a constituents and then he finishes another visit with janet and marsha goldman. >>> and they are planning on protesting outside the president's quarters tonight. if they did not they would carry oil to refineries on the gulf coast. >>> before he arrives this evening he is making a stop to push for tougher gun control measures. colorado passed new gun laws following the mass shooting in aurora and they are calling for an assault weapons ban and limits on magazines. >>> they are voting on some of the toughest laws in the country and that bill will be sold unless they find a national background check. the list will expand to more than 66 to 150 and large capacity magaz
philly tried to run down a police officer. and police say both were wanted felons. they were booked on multiple charges. >>> problematic police radios are now performing up to industry standards. there had been numerous failures including during president obama's visit to oakland last summer. the city did repair the radios and reduced interference from the cell phone towers. the police union says they are working better, but there's not lot of confidence in testimony. >>> firefighters rescued at least ten dogs after responding to a house fire tonight. it was just after 6:30 at 3592 hillsboro drive. when the firefighters made their way into the house, they found a number of english bulldogs in cages. they were able to get the dogs out and contain the small fire. the dogs are okay and no one was hurt. >>> in morgan hill, police uncovered a sophisticated grow house operation in the middle of an office park. daniel segal was arrested yesterday. the 6,000 square foot business space was being used as a commercial grow operation. detectives seized 2,775 plants and 30 pounds of processed ma
avenue. police have not confirmed reports that this was an attempted robbery. >>> president obama is proposing cuts to social security as an attempt to compromise with republicans on the budget. reportedly when a president releases his budget on wednesday, it will included a revised way to calculate ways of living in social security. >>> a comment that president obama made about secretary of general kamala harris. president called harris brilliant, dedicated, and tough. and then he praised her physical appearance. president obama's exact words were quote she also happens to be by far the best looking attorney general in the country. kamala harris is here. some critics call the remarks inappropriate and sexist. soon after attending that event he headed back to washington, d.c.. while in the bay area he attended two fundraisers in at earthen, two in san francisco, and in his 20 hours here brought in more than $3 million for democratic candidates in next years midterm election. >>> six world powers plus iran are meeting for a two-day round of talks to discuss iran's nuclear program.
car stolen, there has to be something done about it. >> reporter: police say older model hondas and toyotas are popular. reporting live in san jose, matt keller, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> president obama today met with family whose lost loved ones to gun violence as part of his effort for more gun control. >> enough is enough. time to act is now. >> some of those were parents of those killed in the sandy hook elementary school shooting. there has been resistance to president obama's gun control proposal. they are asking for background checks for all gun sales. >> none of these ideas should be controversial. who wouldn't we want to close the loophole that allows 40% of all gun purchases to take place without a background checks. >> 90% of americans support background checks. critics say it would infringe on second amendment rights. >>> in the bay area a march for more gun control just got underway. ktvu's jade hernandez is live to tell us who is taking part. jade? >> reporter: i can tell you 50 people have already started to march. we were at middle field and university and we jus
. we think guantanamo should be closed now. >> reporter: there was a heavy police presence out here, starting in the late afternoon here in pacific heights. the demonstrations, however, remain peaceful. live in san francisco, cara liu, ktvu. >>> the white house says president obama is giving back 5% of his salary to the u.s. treasury. it's his way of showing support to federal workers facing furlough because of the sequester. the president earns $400,000 a year by law. so a 5% cut works out to $20,000, or about $1700 a month. >>> and stay with us for continuing coverage. tonight at 10:30, the man behind one of tonight's fund- raisers and where billionaire tom styer disagrees with the president. plus find out who is hosting the president for two more events tomorrow. find more video at >>> we are on storm watch tonight with an april rainstorm moving toward the bay area at this hour. and a forecast that calls for a burst of heavy rain overnight. our meteorologist mark is here now with the timeline for the rain especially during the morning commute. >> that's right. for the e
:00 last night on chestnut street. when they arrived, police found two men shot. one died at the hospital. the second is expected to survive. police have not released suspects or motive information. >> president obama is waking up in san francisco this morning for his second day of bay area fundraisers. this is a live picture near the inter continental hotel where the president spent the night. police have blocked off the streets nearby. that's why they look empty there. >> the closest the public will get to the president is a chance to see his motor cade pass by. this morning the president heads to atherton for two more events. the president's first event this morning is at 1025 :25. the second event at 12:25 is at the the home of marsha and john goldman. 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. today due to the president's visit. the president is scheduled to leave at sfo at 1:40. more coverage on the visit throughout our news cast this morning and ktvu channel 2 news at noon. a live report from san francisco at 7:30 with the one issue protestors really want to bring to the president's attention. i shoul
had to be on the move as well in the last hour. secret service and police have been pushing them back from the area around the getty house, where president obama will be later this evening for a democratic fund-raiser. the same event raised $1.7 million last year. the focus of many protesters out here, as you can see and hear, is the proposed keystone oil pipeline. >> we stand out here on the corner at this fund-raiser, do you think it will make any difference? >> it's all about people power tonight. and we are going to be here with thousands of people this evening, saying no to the keystone pipeline and no the drone warfare. >> reporter: again, as we come back out live, a lot of issues being protested tonight. you can see banners and signs protesting that keystone oil pipeline. reporter mike has been looking into this issue more closely today, and he's at another event that the president will be attending in the city tonight, and he'll have a closer look at that issue in a few issues here at 5. we're live in san francisco, eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> home prices showed
. police state the two got in a fight that ended in the father's death. >> president obama apology tonight about comments he made about california's attorney general. the president called here is the best looking internal -- attorney general at a fundraiser in silicon valley yesterday. today white house press secretary said the president called harris to apologize for any distraction caused by his comments. >> old friends, good friends. he did not want in any way to diminish the attorney general's professional accomplishments and her capability. >> harris' office released a statement today, it reads,, the attorney general and the president have been friends for many years, they had a great conversation yesterday and she strongly supports them. >> first lady michelle obama is getting attention for what she said in an interview. the first lady accidentally referred to herself as a busy single mother while being interviewed yesterday at a vermont tb station she quickly corrected herself saying sometimes being married to the president makes her feel single but that quote, he is around. the fir
. >>> in washington, d.c. the first family attended easter church services this morning. the president and mrs. obama strolled with their daughters sasha and lalia to st. john's church. >>> new video after a man was struck by a car in what appears to be a road rage incident in oakland. police say the victim was involved in a fender bender just minutes before and had followed the other vehicle for about seven blocks. the victim got out of their car and approached the driver. >>> following a string of scandals at the port of oakland we first told you about last fall. port officials have spend a great deal more money and time vowing reform. including an announcement two days ago that will finally begin a formal policy on reimbursed expenses. but we have uncovered still more questionable spending of the public's money and port executives still refuse to explain them. ktvu's eric rasmussen has tonight's special report. >>> last october, we uncovered a series of questionable expenses at the port of oakland that included thousands of dollars spent at strip clubs, an alleged brothel and more. at that time w
yee. everett bashum was arrested back in february. search warrants unsealed today show police found a homemade destructiontive device, 26 guns, several high capacity magazines and about 1,000 rounds of ammunition. bashum was believed to be angry about yee's proposed gun control legislation. >>> president obama made a new push for congress to pass new gun control laws. at the white house he appeared with 21 mothers who have lost children to gun violence. the president said most americans are in favor of background checks for gun purchases. >> none of these ideas should be controversial. why wouldn't we want to make it more difficult for a dangerous person to get his or her hand on a gun? >> reporter: the national rifle association argues that more laws aren't needed it says what is needed is better enforcement of laws already on the books. >>> the supreme court isn't expected to rule for months on proposition-8 an the defense of marriage act but time magazine is declaring that gay marriage has already won. the weekly news magazine has two different covers for its april 8th issue, one
signs of trauma but police have not ruled out foul may. a passer pau spotted another body -- a passerby spotted another body. autopsies will be conducted to determine how both people died. >>> right now, president obama on air force one, on his way to miami, florida. this is him leaving maryland a few minutes ago. in miami, the president will tour a tunnel project and talk about his proposals to strengthen the economy by investing in infrastructure. >>> meantime, the obama administration wants the entire country to use the kind of gas california drivers already use. the epa would require a nationwide reduction in the sulfur content of gas and tougher darr emission standards by 2017. it says the change could cost drivers less than a penny a gallon. but the oil industry says the reformulated gas would cost as much as 9 cents a gallon or more. >>> stanford researchers have found a link between birth defects and the one thing that most women can't avoid. according to the study, the pregnant women who breathe a lot of pollution in in the first few weeks of their pregnancy, are exposed to bi
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